1661 Cherry Hill Road, Joliet, IL 60433

Policies and Procedures

Our library has 1 Rule: Be Kind and Considerate

This rule covers all other rules. It includes being kind to our books and materials. It includes being kind to our classmates and our whole Union School family. It means to use kind words and actions. I expect everyone to be considerate of others which includes speaking softly, taking turns, returning books and materials so others may borrow them, and simply considering how others will feel before taking action.


Checking out books:

5th – 8th grade classes visit the library on Wednesdays.

Kindergarten, 3rd, and 4th visit on Thursdays.

1st and 2nd alternate days depending on the month, so please ask your teacher if you are unsure.

Each student is welcome to check out two books each week. More may be allowed for special projects or special circumstances. Typically, books can be renewed twice before they are placed back into circulation. If the book is new to the library and/or there is a wait list for the title, renewals will not be allowed.

Books are due one week after they are checked out.


Students with over due books have one week to return the books without being fined. At the beginning of week two, students will be charged $0.10 per school day, per book, until the overdue book is returned. There is a maximum fine of $1.00 per book. At this point, the books must either be returned or paid for immediately and certain school privileges will be suspended until the matter is handled. Once overdue books are returned and fines are paid, students may check out books again.


Damaged/Lost Books:

Should a student damage or lose a library book, he or she will be asked to pay the replacement cost of that book. We will use the fee to purchase new materials for the library.