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The philosophy of Union School Athletics is to provide an atmosphere where student-athletes can develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally through the avenue of athletic competition. Union Chargers Athletics desires to be a catalyst that helps develop a lifestyle of character, integrity, discipline, hard work, and leadership. Athletics provide a wonderful opportunity to develop and practice skills and lessons that are learned throughout the day at Union School. Union Chargers Athletics can be used as another way to help educate and develop our student-athletes as they mature.

Chargers’ athletic teams  focus on skill and team development.  Middle school players will focus on learning the skills and rules necessary to compete well in their chosen sport. Playing time will be based on skills, athleticism and attendance with a goal that all student athletes participate. However, it is still the coach’s decision on who plays and for how long.

At Union School academics come first, so all student athletes must maintain their school grades to participate on a team. In order for your child to participate in any sport they need to turn into the main office: physical, along with a permission slip, and an IESA Concussion Form, prior to practice.

Sports Eligibility & Concussion Protcol

The Athletic Coordinator will check with classroom teachers weekly during each team’s season to make sure student athletes are eligible. Union School follows IESA guidelines for student athlete eligibility and concussions. If your son or daughter is ineligible, a letter will be sent home to inform you that they can not play any games or meets for a week. If your son or daughter has a concussion during a game or practice, they will not be able to return to their team for practice, or for a game, until they are cleared by a licensed physician. We believe that education comes first and sports participation is a privilege.