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Student Council

Would you like to be a member of the Union School student council?

What is student council?

A group of students who work together to create fun events for the school and its community members that’s what we are.  We fundraise for various activities and groups.  Plan fun activities, run concession stands, and collect Box Tops for Education are just a few of the things we do!

Who is on student council?

Any student in grades five through eight who is willing to work hard and bring ideas to the meetings may choose to be on student council.  As always, if your behavior during the school day is not acceptable then you will be kept from participating in extra activities like student council.

When and where is student council?

This year student council will be meeting at lunch once or twice a month on Wednesday in Mrs. Mavrakis’ classroom.

Why should you join student council?

It is fun!  You get to plan and help create activities for you and your classmates to participate in