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6th-8th Grade Math

Welcome to 6th-8th Grade Math

8th Grade Math
Topic: Analyze and Solve Linear Equations.  Students will be able to work with equations in order to combine like terms, solve equations with variables on both sides, solve multistep equations and equations with no solutions or many solutions.  Students will also be able to connect proportional relationships and slope.  We will learn to work with the slope equation y=mx+b in order to analyze the slope, the y-intercept and ultimately how to solve equations in the format.
7th Grade Math
Topic:  Analyze and Use Proportional Relationships.  Students will learn to connect ratios, rates and unit rates and use them to find unit rates of fractional values.  They will learn to understand proportional relationships to make equivalent ratios and describe them to understand the constant of proportionality.  We will finish the topic by graphing proportional relationships and apply them to solve problems.
6th Grade Math
Topic: Numeric and Algebraic Expressions.  Students will learn to understand and work with exponents.  Find the greatest common factors and least common multiples in order to work with and evaluate numerical expressions.  We will write and evaluate algebraic expressions.  Students will also learn how to generate equivalent expressions and then simplify the expressions.
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