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1st Grade Teacher

Welcome to our First Grade page. Here you will find important upcoming information about our class. Please check the calendar below for the most up to date information. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through Class DoJo or at 815-726-5218.

Our first grade website will always be up to date with what we will be working on in class!

To stay up to date on homework please look at the calendar below.  (Spelling words, high frequency words should be practiced daily)

Spelling words..assessment is on March 25th:  coach, elbow, groan, roast, scream, show, stripe, toast, throw, scraps

What We’re Learning in First Grade:


  • Foundational Skills
    • vowel digraphs: ie, igh
    • consonant patterns kn, wr
    • compound words
    • vowel digraphs: ue, ew, ui
    • suffixes -ly, -ful
  • Reading Instructional Focus
    • ask and answer questions about a text
    • use details and illustrations to describe key ideas
    • know and use text features to find information
    • ask and answer questions about words and phrases
    • use text features to locate information
    • use text and illustrations to describe ideas
    • use text features to find key details
    • make connections to words in a texxt
    • compare two texts on a similar topic
  • Conventions
    • possessive nouns
    • question marks
    • proper nouns
    • subject/verb agreement and tenses
    • capitalization and punctuation
  • Writing Instructional Focus
    • informative writing

Math Topic 11: Use Models and Strategies to Subtract Tens

  • Subtract tens using models, a hundred chart, an open number line
  • Use addition to subtract tens
  • Ten less than a number


Social Studies- Chapter 4: Life Today and Long Ago

  • Key Vocabulary:  present, past, future, calendar, measure, history, century, generation, decade, manners, festival, general, invention, technology, communicate, transportation


Below are websites that we use in class and can be used at home as well.

Websites (students’ passwords for each are attached)

  • getepic.com  (variety of stories from all subject areas, some are read aloud as well….I’ve assigned a variety to students that are good fit books for them in addition to being able to access all of the books)
  • KidsA-Z.com (Leveled books)
  • classhero.com (Math)
  • prodigygame.com (Math)


If you have any questions please message me via DoJo or my email clang@union81.com

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