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Welcome to our First Grade page. Here you will find important upcoming information about our class. Please check the calendar below for the most up to date information. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 815-726-5218.

Math News:  Topic 11 uses models and strategies to subtract tens.  Students will subtract tens using an open number line, mental math, place value blocks, and connecting cubes.

Please continue to practice the addition facts (addition flashcards were sent home).  Subtraction flashcards will be sent home in the spring, but if you’d like them sooner please contact me!  By the end of first grade students should be able to add and subtract fluently within 10.

ELA News:  We are in Unit 3 Module B.  Our performance based assessment task  is to write an opinion about a good or service they feel is important to their family.  They must supply a reason to support their opinion and restate what their opinion was.  The enduring understandings for this module are as follows: Readers understand that the details in a text support the author’s main points RI.1.8, Writers understand that an opinion has to be supported with one or more reasons. W.1.1 Learners understand that people make decisions about how to spend what they earn.  Our essential questions are: How can readers use the details in a text to identify the reasons that support an author’s points? RI.1.1 How can writers use information to support an opinion? W.1.1

Anchor Text:Goods and Services by Janeen R. Adil

Supporting Text: Supermarket by Kathleen Krull

Poetry: Food by Meish Goldfish     To Market, To Market by Anne Miranda

Phonics skills: inflectional ending -ed long u, long e (CVCe), Syllables VC/CV, long e:e/ee

The following high frequency words should be able to be read fluently:  I, see, a, the, we, like, you, look, was, do, with, is, for, have, two, three, they, one, and, eats, her, take, here, he, like(s), to, where, my, go, use, green, little, too, that, small, many, home, said, put, into, are, tree, good, what, of, going, come, want, looked, eat, puts, work, under, are, was, old, now, together, food, her

Social Studies News:  Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Goods and Services with students creating, producing and selling their own goods in a class marketplace

Science News:  Students are learning about the parts of plants and plant adaptations.

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