•  Welcome to 6th-8th Grade Math - Mrs. Meersman! 
    Name: Mrs. Meersman
    Email Address:  smeersman@union81.com
    Phone number: 815-726-5218
    Week of September 18, 2017
    Following is a brief description of this week's studies by grade.  If you have any questions about any of your student's Math homework please contact me at school.  
    We have been working with online homework with the new series for a couple of weeks and things seem to be going well.  There are only a few students with issues with homework online.  If this is your student and you have any questions, please let me know.
    8th Grade Math
    Topic:  Topic 1 - Real Numbers.  We are finishing the first half of Topic 1 this week and will move on to working with exponents and scientific notation. 
    Assessments:  Our first mid topic assessment is this week on Tuesday.  
    7th Grade Math
    Topic: Topic 1 - Integers and Rational Numbers.  The first half of the topic was learning how to add and subtract integers.  We will continue to practice this as we move on to learn how to mulitply and divide integers.
    Assessments:  Our first mid-topic assessment is on Tuesday.
    6th Grade Math
    Topic:  Topic 1 - Use Positive Rational Numbers.  We are working on dividing with fractions.  The simple process is made complicated when students do not follow the steps. We will be working on dividing fractions and mixed numbers this week.
    Assessment:  The Topic 1 Assessment will be after section 1.7.