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    Teacher:  Ms. Courtney Petrauskas

    Email Address: cpetrauskas@union81.com
    Phone number: 815-726-5218 

    K-8 General Music Class
    Currently all of our music classes are learning about patriotic music and preparing for our Veterans Day program.

    The rehearsal schedule can be found on the music classroom calendar.

    In band, students can expect to learn many musical skills through performing on their chosen instrument.  Musical literacy, appreciation, performance, interpretation, and creation are just a few of the skills we will practice and assess throughout the year.
    There are two bands at Union: the Beginning Band which is for students just starting to learn their instrument and the Concert Band for returning members.
    Beginning Band rehearses after school until 3:10pm on Tuesdays.
    Concert Band rehearses after school until 3:10pm on Fridays. 

    It's never too late to join up, by the way.  Any students still interested in joining band may do so at any time.  Just keep in mind that it'll take some extra effort to catch up to the rest of the band.  We rent our instruments from the Quinlan and Fabish company.  Follow the link I have posted to the right to learn more about the rental process. 



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