• Teacher:  Miss Courtney Petrauskas

    Email Address: cpetrauskas@union81.com
    Phone number: 815-726-5218 

    K-8 General Music Class
    All classes are continuing to work on their Christmas concert music.
    K/1st: Fast and Slow Tempos
    2nd/3rd: Identify phrases in music that create form 
    4th/5th: Syncopated rhythms
    6th/7th/8th: Instruments for Christmas concert (6th: Recorders, 7th: Boomwhackers, and 8th: Xylophones)

    There are two bands at Union: the Beginning Band which is for students just starting to learn their instrument and the Concert Band for returning members.
    Beginning Band rehearses after school until 3:15pm on Tuesdays.
    Concert Band rehearses after school until 3:15pm on Thursdays.    Concert Band Form

    Any students still interested in joining band may do so at any time. Please download the given form and return to Miss Petrauskas